I’m Rebekah, and here at Brave Womanhood my hope is to engage both the hearts and minds of women as they navigate young adulthood, marriage, motherhood, and life.

To help them think deeply and feel honestly.

To help them know God and know themselves.

To help them live by their convictions and act bravely in their families, churches, communities, and the world.

Because the world needs brave women.

Thank your for joining me.


Hi friends, I’m Rebekah.

First things first, why “Brave Womanhood”?

Honestly, it’s because I’ve lived with a lot of fears. I’m not brave by nature. I tend to avoid doing hard things. But choosing to do the hard thing when it’s the right thing has been the best thing for me.

I didn’t choose “brave” because it’s my strong point. I chose it because it’s not.


A little bit about me.

I’m a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend. I genuinely love spending time with my family and we are a pretty loyal crew.

My husband and I have been married for eight years. We have two boys and live on six acres in West Michigan with a big garden and a menagerie of critters. I don’t think we’ve reached “homesteader” status, but we’re definitely in the aspiring category!

My path to motherhood was challenging, though not nearly as long as some. PCOS and miscarriage preceded the births of my boys; the pain of those early experiences has sweetened the joy of the present as I mother them.

I’m a pastor’s kid, the oldest of 8. No we never drove a 15-passenger van or wore jean skirts only. But we definitely didn’t all have our own seat belt most of the time. And we wear leggings.

I’m a Christian. I love the Bible and love to read good theology when I have a minute. My only hope and greatest joy is that Christ lived a life of obedience in my place, died the death I deserved, and beat death in His resurrection. Because of this, I am forgiven, reconciled to God, and His image, imprinted in my soul in creation but fractured and distorted by sin, is slowly being redeemed and restored.

You’ll notice on here I kind of love birth. I’m a bit of a nerd by nature and am fascinated by all things fertility, pregnancy, and childbearing.

Part of why I’m here is because I think there’s kind of a lack of awareness regarding those topics in the church. It can be hard to find resources that come from a Christian perspective and also have a healthy sort of outlook when it comes to active decision-making, evaluating risks and benefits, and having an appropriate respect for the female body, based in the truth of who and what God designed women to be. They’re out there, but not always easy to find. I don’t expect to be like the Christian Ina May or anything, but I do hope to add value to discussions around this stuff for all women, but for Christian women especially.

I do offer flexible and highly individualized services for women and families preconception through postpartum, some of which are available long distance, so if you could use some extra whole-person, values-based support on your motherhood journey, contact me.

If you’re here because you’re currently expecting (or hope to be soon), my BirthTruths series is a good place to start.


Let’s see, what else…

I love spending time outdoors with my kids. Love of nature is deep in my soul. I love woods, mountains, the Great Lakes, and melancholy weather.

I work part time but would rather not.

I think I’m a 5 on the Enneagram. At first I thought I had more of a 4 wing, now I lean towards more of a 6 wing. But every once in a while I wonder if I’m a 1 or a  7. The way I went about learning the Enneagram is kind of what sealed the deal on figuring out my number. I literally have a notebook full of observations about people…

So anyways, enough about me. I guarantee I won’t be able to write on here as much as I want, but if you want to stay in the loop when I do share a blog post, you can subscribe here. And if you made it to the end of this, thanks for staying.


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